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HT Parental Controls 22.6.4 Crack Full Version

HT Parental Controls Crack Full Version

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Computers can be quite a distraction for children worldwide, especially when they are supposed to work on some school project, but get sidetracked and end up wasting a lot of their time browsing websites or chatting with their friends. To prevent this situation, parents can install a dedicated application called HT Parental Controls that would restrict the kids’ activity on the PC.

On the one side, the software utility can monitor the children’s activity, such as the websites they accessed, the applications they launched or their keystrokes. By monitoring their kids, adults can make sure their offsprings do not chat with strangers or open inappropriate webpages.

On the other side, HT Parental Controls can also be used to restrict or disable access to some functions. For instances, parents can block sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, which typically are the ones that distract teenagers and children the most.

Additionally, selected programs can also be blocked, such as browsers or instant messaging apps, as well as games or any other kind of program that is known to distract children.

Alternatively, adults can assign time limits for accessing certain websites or the computer altogether, or they can create a schedule that would make it possible for kids to use the PC only within a specific timeframe.

In order to ensure that tech-savvy youngsters will not be able to bypass these restrictions, adults can also block their access to the Registry Editor, the Control Panel or the Task Manager, while also disabling Command Prompt and preventing them to modify the current time and date.

All in all, HT Parental Controls enables adult to be in control of their children’s activity on the computer, thus helping them focus on homework instead of entertainment. However, a paid license will be required for continuous use.

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