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HyperCam Portable 6.2.2208.31 Crack + Serial Number Updated

HyperCam Portable Crack + Serial Number Updated

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Recording your screen activity is particularly useful if you like doing tutorials or if you’re a gamer who wants to show off with the latest boss fight. Regardless of your reason to record a video of what’s happening on your PC, HyperCam Portable is an app that can prove helpful.

The software enables you to take three types of captures. Thus, you can record a certain window, the entire screen or only a user-defined region of your screen.

Video and audio settings can be adjusted for this app. The program makes available ten compressing options (Microsoft Video 1, DV Video Encoder, Cinepak Codec etc.) for the video, lets you set the number of frames per second and choose an output folder and format. It supports a few video file types, such as AVI, WMV and ASF.

Furthermore, you can also make a few adjustments for the way the app records the sound. Here, you can choose the audio compressor (Microsoft ADPCM, WMA Audio Encoder DMO, Uncompressed audio etc.) and select the output file’s properties (sample rate, sample size, bitrate and audio mode).

Since the app allows you to record both video and sound at the same time or choose only one of the two features, the program lets you select an audio format as well from the supported types (WAV, MP3 and WMA).

Another feature of this app is taking screenshots of your desktop. From the “Interface” menu you can set keyboard shortcuts for starting/pausing and stopping the recording, as well as for taking screenshots. HyperCam Portable already comes with a few default settings, but you can customize these to your liking.

You can also store this app on a portable device, which means you can use it on any other computer.

All in all, HyperCam Portable is a highly useful tool, that’s very easy to use thanks to the simple interface. Users of all levels of experience should have no problems figuring out how to make the most of this app.

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