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iArt 3 Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

iArt Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

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iArt is a very simple way to download album art for the music stored on your iPod or in iTunes.

Since it's supposed to do such a simple task, the application is quite easy to use, mostly thanks to the user-friendly and straightforward interface that makes everything a breeze.

The main window of the program lets you pick sources and playlist and choose whether you want to retrieve album art from the Internet or find album covers for songs, but only if they're placed in the same folder as the source MP3.

At this time, only two online artwork sources are supported, namely Amazon and Google Image Search, but new ones can be easily integrated into the app using the plugin support.

The program automatically scans artists and albums and thus searches online for artwork, but it also lets you perform a new search using a user-defined keyword.

Once matching data has been found, the application displays the results in the same window, but also lets you preview the artwork, just to make sure it matches the original file.

As you can see, iArt is pretty easy to use and since it all comes to just a few steps, the application runs on low resources, without affecting computer performance at all. There seem to be some compatibility issues with Windows 7 though because the program fails to start every once in a while. It worked like a charm on Windows XP however.

All in all, iArt may come in handy to a lot of iPod owners and although it comes with a price, it serves its purpose quick and easy every time.

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