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IcebergLock Protector Crack With Keygen 2022

IcebergLock Protector Crack With Keygen 2022

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Download IcebergLock Protector [Crack]

IcebergLock Protector is a software protection system, which allows your application modules to be protected with deep integration with the protection system.

IcebergLock Protector uses powerful encryption algorithms to hide critical parts of code, which will be decrypted only for execution time.

IcebergLock Protector allows software developers to implement their own registration keys generation algorithms. Only you, and nobody else, will know how to get registration information and decryption keys from a registration key.

With IcebergLock Protector you can restrict your modules functionality in trial or demo mode. You can implement full and demo functions pairs and the protector will automatically choose an appropriate function version to be executed depending on registration information.

Full version functions are accessible only if a valid registration key is present (decryption keys for these functions are encoded in the registration key).

IcebergLock Protector contains embedded Internet License Manager (ILM) which allows manage licenses you grant to users. All data can be stored in a remote database in your web site.

Database interchange is implemented using PHP scripts, but you can use in your real projects Perl, CGI or any other scripts. This feature allows you to organize your product on-line registration.

Here are some key features of "IcebergLock Protector":

· IcebergLock Protector can protect a batch of your project modules (applications and libraries) in a single process, using common project's protection parameters.

· IcebergLock Protector encrypts and compresses code, import and relocations sections in every module.

· IcebergLock Protector allows developers define hidden functions and blocks of code, full and demo versions of functions, which will be encrypted by the protector and decrypted for execution-time only. Full version functions can be decrypted only if a valid registration key is present.

· IcebergLock Protector provides counteraction against debuggers and disassemblers; modules integrity checking; API for interaction between a module and the protection system; hardware-dependent or predefined serial number schemes;

· Black List for stolen or illegal serial numbers and email addresses.

· Delphi, C++ Builder and Visual C++ examples included.


· 30 days trial

· Demonstration time of working is limited down to 60 minutes since first program run in current Windows session. After the demonstration time expires, you must reboot Windows to continue working with IcebergLock Protector;

· You can protect only single hidden function, single plain block of code and single pair of full and demo functions in every module;

· You can not import/export your protection projects data into/from databases.

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