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ICU - I See You 1.56 Crack + Activator (Updated)

ICU - I See You Crack + Activator (Updated)

Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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ICU is an application which enables you to record and view screenshots of the activities of other users in your local network. Unlike "PC-Anywhere" or "Remote desktop" It does not enable you to control the other PCs but let you view the activities at any time. You can see what any user did any day/hour, you can browse through the screens using sophisticated user-interface and search tools.

ICU is design to work so it does not utilize too much CPU and disk-space in the clients, so user doesn't feel it. It is also secured so no one (but you) can view the recordings. ICU enables you to select specific applications (or URLs) that you do not want to monitor (or select to monitor only specific applications).

Who will use ICU?

Parents who want to guard their children.

School masters who want to protect the students.

Compenies who need to record employees activities.

HelpDesc administrators for better service.

Call-Centers for security reasons.

Here are some key features of "ICU I See You":

■ ICU utilizes minimial CPU and disk space.

■ ICU can be set to record only specific applications, or all but specific applications.

■ ICU can be set to record only specific URLs, or all but specific URLs.

■ ICU records text and has advanced Search and Alert utilities.

■ All ICU recorded data is encrypted and can be viewed only by the original ICU-Viewer or an authorized viewer.

■ ICU-Recorder can record even when the user's computer is disconnected from the LAN.

■ The recorded data will be automatically copied to the "Central Folder" when the user reconects.

■ The ICU-Center-Manger has an Auto Cleanup feature to remove old recorded data and a Backup utility.

■ When a new version is installed, all IcuCenterManager and IcuRecorder are automatically updated.

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