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ID Firewall 1.2 Crack + Keygen Download 2022

ID Firewall Crack + Keygen Download 2022

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Download ID Firewall [Crack]

ID Firewall is a high-priority security application responsible for your computer’s real-time protection against hackers. It blocks access to unauthorized attempts to use your computer, making sure your computer stays safe, free from exposure to internal network attacks, as well as external Internet ones.

ID Firewall is a specialized firewall application designed to ensure safe and controlled network access as well as acting as a checkpoint against attacks from outside and inside your computer.

Here are some key features of "ID Firewall":

■ Monitors attempts of all applications trying to run on your computer and filters them according to defined user access rules. You can choose which programs have authorization to run and decide which ones to block.

■ Prevents execution of unauthorized programs. Every attempt to start a program is intercepted and checked by ID Firewall against a user-defined set of rules and permission to run is requested for any program not on that list. Also, a warning sign to run a program shows up in case of an unidentified publisher.

■ Denies access to a series of files, including registry key access, for unauthorized users. Also, real time monitoring of file access ensures better protection by keeping an accurate record of users.

■ Monitors the process list, showing you exact data regarding programs and applications that use the processor. You can use this feature to deny access or to stop suspicious programs from running on your computer thus keeping it safe from any damage or from information loss.

■ Prevents loading of DLLs by running processes. Every attempt to load a DLL or any other type of library file is intercepted and checked for permission, ensuring deeper protection against viruses, Trojans and other spyware and adware.

■ Manages the bandwidth a certain application.

■ Displays detailed network activity logging and keeps record of all network events. In case of a threat, the user can use an emergency button to stop all network transfer by blocking access to a possible hacker.

■ Filters the network traffic based on a customizable content filtering option. Files containing unsolicited corrupt information can be detected by checking for certain keywords in their content and viruses or Trojans can be blocked once detected.

■ Protects against exploits, Trojans and backdoors, by the use of a low level network traffic filter available in the Advanced Network Guard section.


■ 300 Mhz processor

■ 3 MB hard drive space

■ 128 MB RAM

■ Supports Internet Explorer


■ 15 days trial

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