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IndieVolume Crack With License Key Latest 2023

IndieVolume Crack With License Key Latest 2023

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IndieVolume is an application that does a very simple and very useful thing. It allows you to independently control the volume of applications that are running on your system.

This means that for example if you have your browser opened on YouTube listening to a track and at the same time chatting with someone on Skype, you can turn down the volume for the Flash Player so the song doesn’t interfere with your conversation.

Besides the main volume slider, IndieVolume grants you control over balance, muting and FX. It also allows you to choose the device to which the applications send its audio output. You can opt to transmit the audio feed to headphones, speakers or to another sound card if you have more than one installed on your computer.

IndieVolume displays a comprehensive interface which provides quick and easy access to all the controls. The main window is separated into two sections, one that contains the lists of applications, active and closed, and one that offers the actual volume controls and settings.

A great thing about this tool is that in order to be able to control the individual volumes for applications you don’t have to manually add them. As sun as a process is identified, IndieVolume adds it and allows you to adjust the volume. You don’t even have to worry about remaking the settings for an application once it is closed because IndieVolume memorizes and stores them in a ‘Closed Applications’ list. Moreover, you can adjust the volume even if the application is closed.

Also, in case you want to, IndieVolume makes it possible to add various effects to the audio output. You can apply FX such as Alien Lifeform, Alley, Arena, Concert Hall, Grunge, Hangar, Palin, Psychotic and much more.

In closing, IndieVolume truly is an application that has its place on your computer because you never know when an app is going to start shouting and you can’t find a way to turn it off.

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