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Instant Theme Creator 2.0 Crack With License Key Latest

Instant Theme Creator Crack With License Key Latest

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Customizing the operating system can be a fun undergoing but unless you use the right tools, it can easily turn it into a time consuming task.

Instant Theme Creator is one software solution that can be very helpful as it enables you to change many settings from one single interface. You may find the interface to be less attractive but the features it packs will surely prove to be interesting and quite handy.

As you probably guessed it from the name, the purpose of this utility is to create themes for the operating system and it provides you a simple way to change wallpapers, sounds, icons, mouse cursors, screensavers and colors.

The amount of options is impressive for such an old application. Instant Theme Creator is able to modify the sound scheme and you can assign different audio files for actions, pop-ups and errors. You can use it to assign new icons to 'My Computer', 'Network' as well as 'Recycle Bin'.

Another customization you can perform regards the mouse cursor and pointers, but things don't stop here. With Instant Theme Creator you can assign a specific screensaver as the system default and even pick different color schemes with a single click.

Just as expected, you won't need a super computer to run Instant Theme Creator, so the amount of resources it needs is very low.

All in all, Instant Theme Creator is a decent tool if you to add a new touch to your operating system and the best thing about it is that you can run it right out of the box as it doesn't require installation.

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