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IntelliAdmin Remote Control 5.561 Build 20140519 Crack & Activation Code

IntelliAdmin Remote Control Crack & Activation Code

Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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IntelliAdmin Remote Control is a Windows remote control solution designed specifically for your LAN. You do not need to deploy agents on the target computers, as you are allowed to look for PCs by name and automatically establish a connection.

The GUI looks user friendly and easy to work with. The computers that you can quickly connect to are saved in a drop-down list.

A search function is implemented for helping you look for PCs in your LAN. The tool reveals a list with all of them and lets you sort them by name or last accessed date. In order to complete the process, you are required to provide the login parameters (username, password and domain).

IntelliAdmin Remote Control gives you the possibility to set a default zooming mode, enable the full screen display upon capturing data, adjust the window position (e.g. remember last position by host or until exit, center and resize on first connection), assign hotkeys for faster actions, and enable mouse zooming.

Upon disconnection you can make the program uninstall the server, close the client, lock the workstation, log off the current user, or do nothing.

IntelliAdmin Remote Control allows you to set up several connection tweaks, such as show tray icon, remove wallpaper, send and receive clipboard data, disable remote user’s mouse and keyboard, as well as restrict the use of a screen saver.

The tool is able to automatically reconnect, and you may specify the maximum number of retries and seconds between retries.

The lists with computers can be imported from a custom URL or XML file. You may automatically add computers after connection and retrieve system information, and refresh the list with PCs at startup or periodically. You may set up a default username and password, clear the history with saved authentication parameters, as well as delete computer names.

All in all, IntelliAdmin Remote Control accommodates a handy suite of features for helping you remotely control computers in your network using only the Windows administrator account.

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