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Internet Connection Counter 7.60.0 Crack With License Key Latest 2023

Internet Connection Counter Crack With License Key Latest 2023

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Download Internet Connection Counter [Crack]

Internet Connection Counter is a statistics and management application that can keep you informed about your Dial-up, GPRS or LAN connections, so you can supervise and prevent their over-usage.

The program will display all of the available Internet connections and prompt you to choose the default one, that will be used immediately after program startup.

The "Mode" tab allows you to disable a connection when it exceeds a user-defined expense amount and when the total incoming or outgoing traffic exceeds a number of MB. It also offers you the possibility to ping a remote address and view the response time.

The "IP/LAN" tab enables you to view your current IP address as well as obtain and keep your Intranet address.

From the "Alerts" section, you can have the application show a message when the tariff changes or when the total time exceeds a desired amount. You can also create events and activate the use of a specific sound file whenever the computer connects or disconnects from the Internet.

The "Files" tab enables users to see which are the currently running processes or set a syncronization folder, which can be useful if you have two operating systems installed. Furthermore, you can automatically backup the main program files at each interrupted connection. Also, you can create a list of programs to be launched before or after the computer connects to the Internet, which can close when it disconnects or the ICC closes.

Internet Connection Counter allows you to create specific payment schemes and set the exact moment for them to take effect. Moreover, you can then set the cost of one hour spent online, of 1 MB of incoming and outgoing traffic, set specific payments for each day of the week or do a percentual re-count of tariffs on particular days (Sundays, user-defined holidays).

Internet Connection Counter can prove a good option for those who wish to keep track of their multiple connections, as well as oversee all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Internet Connection Counter Crack With License Key Latest 2023 Internet Connection Counter Crack With License Key Internet Connection Counter Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

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