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IPHost Network Monitor 5.4 Build 14499 Crack & License Key

IPHost Network Monitor Crack & License Key

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All computers in your workplace are all connected to a central command unit, from where they’re monitored in order to prevent unauthorized access or malicious activities. However, monitoring is not an easy task, and you might need to use some specialized tools like IPHost Network Monitor for advanced operations and alerts.

It’s best to install the application on the administrator computer which has access to all others in the workgroup. When done, it starts to detect all connected devices, gathering various information related to resource usage, as well as network and external traffic.

All of these details are shown in a visually appealing interface that, although may seem too cluttered to inexperienced individuals, is actually neatly organized. One of the panels shows all connected agents, computers, and other network equipment in a tree list, while selecting an item from the navigation pane reveals all related details, reports, state conditions and more.

A real time log is also present, letting you know what happens and when. In this regard, there’s a built-in alert system you might want to configure at first. However, alerts can also be set up for each component or info field of interest, with various details to monitor and send emails to your address when suspicious activities occur.

IPHost Network Monitor isn’t just dedicated to a single network, with the possibility to set up multiple monitors. These can target various areas like basic connectivity, mail, Internet, SNMP and SSH resources, Windows machines, databases, traffic, or even following custom conditions to combine more areas.

Monitoring can be done for groups as well, with a detection tool that analyses devices in real time. These can be filtered according to different characteristics, while a search engine lets you easily look up items of interest. What’s more, the application can be handled from a web interface in case you’re not at the central computer.

To sum it up, network administration is not an easy task, and depends on various data sets that need to be constantly monitored, and is the field of expertise where IPHost Network Monitor shines. It’s packed with an impressive variety of features to view all details of interest, while the customizable alert system makes sure you’re aware of everything that’s happening in the target network.

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