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iProxyEver Proxy Chain Crack With Serial Number

iProxyEver Proxy Chain Crack With Serial Number

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Most of the Internet users needed to hide their IP address at least once. Whether it was for accessing a web page restricted on their region or to conceal their identity when accessing an online resource, they needed to find a remote computer in order to route the Internet traffic.

If you need to do this more that once, the task can take more of your time than it is supposed to. iProxyEver Proxy Chain is one of the applications that can connect you to a proxy server without having to search for a valid IP address every time.

However, finding a working proxy is not really the problem since the Internet is a rich resource and anyone can find hundreds of servers with a simple search. The real time-consuming task is to change your Internet settings every time you need a new IP address.

This tool is designed to change the connection parameters by simply clicking one button. Moreover, it allows you to select the browsers that you want to secure in order to open that restricted web page.

In fact, the program is able to use the proxy connection to any application that you include in the list. Thus, you can still use your regular connection for downloading large files and limit the proxy use for the instant messaging app.

Another useful feature is the ability to select the countries where the proxy servers are located or exclude certain countries from the list. Unfortunately, you cannot select a certain IP address or add your prefered proxy to the list.

In our tests, the app established the connection within a few seconds and the impact on the computer performance was minimal. It is recommended to select the countries that you want to use before connecting in order to optimize the connection speed.

To sum up, if you frequently need to hide your adress and like the possibility to select the applications that connect to the Internet through a proxy, iProxyEver Proxy Chain has the right tools for the job.

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