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IpSharkk 2.1.09 Crack Plus Serial Number

IpSharkk Crack Plus Serial Number

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IpSharkk is a very easy to use software solution designed to help you stay anonymous and change your IP with ease.

While using such an application could cause problems to rookies, not the same thing can be said about IpSharkk.

This particular program has been designed to be user friendly, so the interface is very straightforward, with pretty intuitive options.

The main window is being used to display the available proxies, along with country, city, speed and availability. Each proxy comes with a “Connect” button to easily enable it, while the top of the window shows the machine's external IP and the current one, along with location information.

Another good thing about IpSharkk is the fact that it can automatically change the IP at a user-defined interface, with dedicated options to pick only a certain proxy location. Of course, you can auto start the program with Windows, but also redirect HTTP and HTTPS proxies.

IpSharkk places an icon in the Windows System Tray and although it's supposed to run all the time, it remains very friendly with hardware resources, working smoothly with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

It doesn't need administrator privileges, but it requires a fast Internet connection to work properly.

During our testing, some of the proxies listed in the main window seemed to be dead, so the availability information isn't quite accurate all the time.

But all in all, IpSharkk is a very interesting piece of software that could help a handful of users, mostly thanks to its intuitive interface.

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