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Java Scientific Calculator Crack + Activator

Java Scientific Calculator Crack + Activator

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Download Java Scientific Calculator [Crack]

Java Scientific Calculator is a simple and reliable Java-based utility that you can use as a computer desktop or simply integrate it within a web application.

The utility provides you with various expressions and formulas, trigonometric functions, complex numbers, logarithms, decimal and hexadecimal calculations, statistical functions and permutations.

The previously mentioned application is designed to resemble a standard scientific calculator. Its main window is quite simple and intuitive having all the buttons aligned and grouped by the similarity of function. By using Java Scientific Calculator  you have the possibility to perform quick math calculations such as subtraction, addition, multiplication etc.

The calculator comes with left and right buttons, operated by cursor keys that help you to edit the expressions you want to calculate.

The feature that makes the application to stand out of the box is that it has three root functions namely square root, cube root and general root. The first two functions enables you to quickly find the root of the specified expression and the third finds the x-th rooth of y, where the x value is the expression that precedes the root and y the expression following.

Also, Java Scientific Calculator comes with three functions that help you to find the square or cube of the preceding expression. You have the possibility to quickly evaluate logarithms and antilogarithms for any complex number.

Although the aforementioned application comes with a simple interface and with advanced options, the user might need to get acquainted with all the math functions, expressions and calculations. You can perform simple calculations, but if you want to generate graphs and statistics based on your specified data, you might get overwhelmed of the amount of data you need to specify before actually creating a graph or finding specific function.

For example, you can type in an expression such as cos(x) or (x+1)(x-1) after specifying the x value, so the application generates the proper results.

More complex, if you want to create graphs, you need to correctly enter the expression and then use the Graph button to display a graph of the expression you have just created based on your calculations.

All things considered, Java Scientific Calculator offers a simple software solution for helping you calculating various math expressions and generating graphs based on the specified functions.

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