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JPEG-EXIF autorotate 3.26 Crack + License Key Download 2023

JPEG-EXIF autorotate Crack + License Key Download 2023

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Download JPEG-EXIF autorotate [Crack]

JPEG-EXIF autorotate is a simple-to-use and powerful application that can save you time when it comes to rotating JPG images, by doing so automatically using EXIF information.

The tool creates an entry in the Windows Explorer context menu, allowing users to quickly rotate pictures while casually navigating their hard drive.

It provides batch processing support. Aside from rotating single files, JPEG-EXIF autorotate is capable of altering selections of multiple images as well as whole directories and subfolders (even if they contain other files apart from JPEGs).

Evidently, in order for it to function properly, the targeted images must have EXIF information supplied by the digital camera used for creating them in the first place.

The installation procedure gives users the possibility of selecting the context menu entries. The complete package includes components for folder menu items (rotate in folder and subfolers, rotate aside from subfolders), JPEG file menu (auto-rotate), time stamp creation (using EXIF dates), thumbnail regeneration, and Start Menu shortcuts.

No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the tool did not cause the operating system to hang or crash.We have not come across any issues. JPEG-EXIF autorotate's setup contains an uninstaller as well, so you can remove it just like any other program. The Windows Explorer process will not be closed, and system restart is not necessary.

All in all, JPEG-EXIF autorotate offers a quicker method when it comes to rotating JPEG images, and it is handy to anyone who frequently works with large amounts of JPEG files, including professional photographers.

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