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JScreenFix deluxe 1.15 Crack & Activator

JScreenFix deluxe Crack & Activator

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Many users are familiar with stuck pixels, having seen at least once the brightly lit dots on the monitor screen. Fixing such nuisances is sometimes possible using a special kind of software and even online.

JScreenFix is an application that was created for that purpose and it can also take care of another screen related issue, namely the burn-in effect that causes the so-called 'ghost image' appearance when certain areas of the display become discolored.

Build on Java, JscreenFix runs on any platform and system that supports this technology and requires no setup. Simply download and run the application to have it begin the healing process for a faulty PC monitor.

Insofar as the stuck pixels are concerned, the procedure is quite simple. You have to access the appropriate tab from the main window and define the location of the problematic pixels by clicking on them against a completely black screen.

The fixing procedure is automated and when you press 'Repair display now', will attempt to revive the pixel(s) by flashing repeatedly the selected area of the screen for several minutes on.

When it comes to dealing with the burn-in effects, the software offers quite a few options for various scenarios. Thus, you can opt for one of the available templates in case you are confronted with a problem for which a preset already exists inside the application.

The repair methods can rely on recent usage and are either quick equalize or accurate equalize. Consequently, if the usage is unknown and no previous experience exists, you can opt for one of the three modes: pure white burn, exercise and snow flash. The last two are made for LCD screens only.

A great thing about JscreenFix is that you will be able to set the program to repair the display automatically after a certain period of inactivity or between a strict time interval you define manually.

All things considered, this utility is definitely worth a try in case you find yourself in the unpleasant posture of having to deal with one or more stuck pixels on your screen or if your monitor starts to display burn-in signs at the edges.

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