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Kaka USB Security 3.00 Crack + Serial Key

Kaka USB Security Crack + Serial Key

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Even though most threats come from the online world, it doesn’t mean removable storage devices are completely safe. In this regard, various applications like Kaka USB Security were created in order to help you protect important files, either not to be infected by malicious programs, or simply to keep others from accessing it.

First of all, the whole operation requires an USB flash drive to be plugged in. This is because the application only gets installed on removable media, having nothing to do with your own computer. As a consequence, registry items remain intact, and so does your computer by default.

The setup package prompts for an USB flash to be plugged in, immediately detecting it and showing it in a list. Once done, the main window finally shows up so you can protect everything with a password, which also needs to be confirmed before it’s applied. What’s more, you can leave a hint in case you think of something too complicated.

On the visual side of things, the application does a great job at giving you the impression it means business, thanks to a high-quality, custom-made interface. Every step of the way is cleverly described so you don’t end up stuck along the way.

Once you successfully secure an USB flash drive, it’s still usable. Files can still be copied and removed to it, but only in the remaining free space. All other files and folders are held in a locked container, which only asks for the unlock password if triggered. This is a neat advantage, since it doesn’t let anyone know there’s something secretly hiding on the drive.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to make the application automatically lock content when the drive is ejected, but there’s a simple default feature that acts as a workaround. Whenever the password is written down, content is not unlocked immediately, giving you the choice to either open content in a virtual environment, which lets you freely edit, or permanently unlock everything.

Upon removal, the application still remains on the USB flash drive, even if content is unlocked. It doesn’t automatically start without your consent, and lets you easily lock everything back when you consider editing is done.

In conclusion, Kaka USB Security is a powerful security solution for removable storage devices, locking everything with a password of your choice, while intuitive and clever feature implementation lets you edit data while it’s still secured, given the password is entered and accepted. If you work with content on a flash drive daily, it really comes in handy.

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