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Kernel JFS 4.02 Crack Plus Serial Number

Kernel JFS Crack Plus Serial Number

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Download Kernel JFS [Crack]

Kernel JFS is a small-sized and intuitive software utility that helps you recover lost or damaged JFS data due to various reasons such as partition formatting, accidental file removal, internal node, directory, superblock or journal corruption.

Upon initialization, the program locates all the physical disks attached to your computer and allows quick access to the partition from which you want to recover data. Then, at your disposal there are two volume identity options that you can choose from: Use Partition Table and Search Partition.

Use Partition Table provides you with a quick means of recovering recently deleted files from undamaged hard drive partitions.

Meanwhile, Search Partition is highly efficient when it comes to recovering data from missing or deleted logical drives. Using this method may take a couple of minutes because it does a complete and thorough scan and it depends on the amount of space occupied by that partition. The scan ends sooner if the partition takes less memory space. If you don't want to scan the entire disk you can speed up the process by selecting a certain sector from the Select Range section.

With the help of its comprehensive interface you can easily locate damaged files and begin the recovery process right away. When the complete scan is finished, you can view the data found in the deteriorated disk in a tree like manner and clone the recovered files to a partition of your choosing, be it an external hard drive, flash disk, portable device or just a different partition from your computer.

Kernel JFS runs on a low-to-moderate amount of system resources and proves to be stable. During our tests we did not experience any system errors, crashes or screen freezes.

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