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Keynesis Lockngo Professional 7.0 Crack + Activation Code Download

Keynesis Lockngo Professional Crack + Activation Code Download

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Download Keynesis Lockngo Professional [Crack]

As USB devices are widely used as hand-held storage mediums and their capacity has increased significantly, data theft using portable USB devices is on the rise as well. Therefore, protecting data held on such a device is an important issue for most users and this is where an application such as Keynesis Lockngo Professional can prove to be of great use.

The software provides support for multiple removable devices, including external hard drives, USB keys and pens, flash drives, dongles, SmartMedia and more, formatted using FAT, FAT32, exFAT or NTFS file system types.

The application runs directly from the removable device you want to protect, without requiring installation or leaving data traces on the PC. There are not many options to deal with, since the main window only comprises a field for entering the desired password and a section where you can view the protection status.

Using the 256bit AES encryption algorithm, Keynesis Lockngo Professional can encipher the disk file system structure, in order to prevent deliberate or unintentional access to your private files and folders. The data is also hidden, which makes it even harder to retrieve.

Additionally, really sensitive or confidential information can be sent to the 'Private Directory', which is a folder on the storage device that is fully secured.

In order to make sure that your data cannot be compromised in any way, the application can be set to automatically lock the target disk if your computer goes into idle mode for more than a user-defined time interval (from a few minutes to up to 12 hours).

The application can remember the encryption password, in order to ease access to the drive content. You can configure it to automatically run a stored application after unlocking the drive or close it when the disk is locking.

To conclude with, Keynesis Lockngo Professional comes in handy for securing your removable media and protect your data in case your portable drive gets stolen.

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