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Kindle PC Converter Crack With Keygen

Kindle PC Converter Crack With Keygen

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Download Kindle PC Converter [Crack]

Kindle PC Converter is a straightforward software program which allows you to create PDF files from Kindle ebooks. It can be handled by users of any level of experience and requires the installation of Kindle for PC.

The interface of the program is based on a simple wizard with minimalistic features. In order for Kindle PC Converter to work, Kindle for PC must work simultaneously.

So, you can use Kindle for PC to open the ebook you want to convert and go to the first page. Now you can proceed to the second step in Kindle PC Converter, where you can establish the output PDF filename and destination.

In addition, you can select a page size between letter paper size for Windows PC, e-reader optimization (Kindle, Sony e-reader) and custom (without resizing the Kindle PC Window).

In order to initialize the conversion procedure, you must click the Capture button, after which you can view each page being turned into PDF. This process can take an extremely long time, depending on the number of the ebook pages (the app spends at least a couple of seconds on each page).

The most irritating aspect is that, during this time, you are unable to continue your activity normally on your computer; the mouse cursor jumps randomly on the screen and the ebook window is brought up with every converted page.

We have experienced plenty of difficulties in attempting to cancel the task and to even terminate its process from Task Manager. The good news is that the output PDFs have a good quality regarding graphics, images and the text layout. But, all in all, users should look for a more stable ebook converter than Kindle PC Converter.

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