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Kirix Strata 4.0 Crack With Serial Number Latest

Kirix Strata Crack With Serial Number Latest

Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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Kirix Strata is a "data browser" - a fusion of a web browser and a built-in relational database. Strata brings the sensibilities and simplicity of a web browser to the world of tabular data, making it easy to access, view and use data from any source.

Strata serves as a bridge between local data files, database management systems and data on the web. You can access data from local sources and across the web, mash it together, and quickly work with it to gain new insights or create ad hoc reports to share with others.

Strata makes it possible to manipulate and analyze data in a rapid-fire, interactive manner. You will be able to cut out a number of steps for all common data-related tasks thus dramatically reducing the time it would take to get the results you want.

Here are some key features of "Kirix Strata":

Open CSV files, HTML tables and RSS feeds directly from the web into structured tables. You can also easily grab local data files from your desktop or connect to database systems like MySQL and Oracle.

Work with your data in a rich environment, designed exactly for this purpose. Sort, filter, and reformat data with a single click. Quickly cut through the clutter of new data sets and gather useful insights.

Bookmark data from the web, local files, and database systems, such as MySQL. Keep your data handy - organize bookmarks in folders on your toolbar and just click one to open a data file.

Store and manipulate as much data as you like with Strata's built-in relational database. It's built for speed and can handle just about any amount of data - up to 60 billion records per table.

Create dynamic calculations instantly across a full data set - and see the results as you type. You can reformat your data, extract embedded values, and test and edit regular expressions interactively.

Develop reports directly from web data, local files, or database systems. Quickly flip between pages and template views for an intuitive design experience. Creating a report is as simple as using a spreadsheet.

Interactively combine data from different files. Just hook them together and then drag and drop columns from one into the other. Compare data between related files and find matching records or differences.

Quickly build standard SQL queries with Strata's intuitive query builder. Query data directly from a database system, such as MySQL and Oracle, and join the results with data from the web.

Organize and analyze your data by groups of records. Summarize groups to generate useful statistics, or keep the detail records together to identify duplicates or find a set of groups that meets certain criteria.

Strata comes with a data-enabled version of JavaScript with built-in support for SQL and other functions for data manipulation. You can create new custom extensions or plug in existing ones built by the community.


■ 1 GHz processor

■ 512MB of RAM

■ 500MB of disk space for system and sample data files

■ Additional disk space for work files (twice the data size)

■ Monitor supporting 1024x768 resolution

■ Internet Access


■ 30 days trial period

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