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KP Typing Tutor 7.3.2 Crack + Activator

KP Typing Tutor Crack + Activator

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KP Typing Tutor is a software that you can use to learn how to type fast and accurate.

The interface of the application consists of a simple window in which you have several options at your disposal.

Once you initialize KP Typing Tutor, you can select the profile between default qwerty, Russian learner, left handed Dvorak, and more.

But you can also create a new profile by specifying the user and course name, as well as by configuring the layout, keyboard layout and others.

So, you can set the general and game background color, line, paragraph and game font, activate a keyboard layout, as well as enable different speeds, full screen mode, drill and game sound, popup statistics at the end of the drill, to highlight the letter to be typed, and so on.

You can start a new course or game, along with a sentence, paragraph or free drill. Plus, you can change the program profile at any time.

During a course or a drill, you can see which finger you should use to type a particular letter, by following two small windows that represent the left and right hand.

Once you have completed a course or drill, you can view statistics which revolve around the keys typed per minute, accuracy percentage and words per minute.

The program takes up a very low amount of CPU and system memory, and includes a well-written help file. We haven't come across any difficulties during our tests. However, the interface could use some improvements and you should be able to save your results.

All in all, KP Typing Tutor is a pretty good program if you want to practice keyboard typing and we recommend it to all users.

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