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LanHelper 1.99 Crack & Keygen

LanHelper Crack & Keygen

Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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LanHelper is an application designed to ease the work of network administrators when it comes to LAN monitoring and scanning.

It integrates NT administration utilities and provides powerful analysis features which you can take advantage of and manage numerous remote computers without the need for server side applications.

Through the use of a comprehensive interface, LanHelper offers you the means to scan IP ranges, domains and entire networks in order to extract data such as status, IP and MAC addresses, workgroup, user, operating system and SNMP.

For each workstation that LanHelper identifies, it provides tools for event viewing, group creation, file exploring, messaging, service installation, sharing, remote power control and much more. It can also monitor logs, search for events and checks to see if any changes occur to a machine, such as an IP change.

LanHelper comes with a ‘Remote Execute’ function that allows it and enables you to execute commands and run programs on the remote PC. Though to do this you need administrator privileges, the application offers you the possibility to enter the required credentials without having to first receive access from the target machine.

Furthermore, managing user accounts on a workstation is possible with LanHelper. You are able to view users, create new accounts, remove them, reset passwords or assign a specific membership to them.

Wake-On-LAN is also available as a tool in LanHelper. With it you can choose not one but multiple computers and switch them on whenever you need to. Moreover, you can power on workstations by creating one time, daily, weekly or monthly schedules.

Using LanHelper is easy as it offers you quick and easy access to all the tools you need and all the data that you collect can be exported to HTML, TXT or CSV format.

In closing, if you’re looking for a simple and practical means of scanning your network for information or remotely managing workstations, than you can certainly try LanHelper.

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