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LANMessage Pro 4.00 Crack + Activation Code Download

LANMessage Pro Crack + Activation Code Download

Windows XP, Windows 2K


Download LANMessage Pro [Crack]

LANMessage Pro is an application especially designed for those who want to communicate with people that are part of the same network as them. The application relies on Net Send, is easy to use and requires very little knowledge about networking in order to get it up and running.

Using this software solution you benefit from the advantages of easily sending, receiving, replying to and forwarding messages. It enables you to talk to anyone on your network from the comfort of your workstation.

It provides the option to create a custom list of correspondent groups which you can easily manage.

You simply type in the text and click the ‘Send’ button to forward the message. The application comes with a feature that once enabled, deletes your inserted text after the message is sent. Moreover, LANMessage Pro is capable of keeping an accurate log of all your conversations. They are stored with details about the date and time, as well as the recipient.

The new message window contains the name of the sender, his computer’s name, time of message delivery and buttons which give you the options to ignore that user or add him or her to a private list.

When receiving a message, it is displayed in a chat window that is opened on your desktop. If you prefer not be disturbed by this, LANMessage Pro allows you to activate ‘Silent Mode’ which shows all the new incoming messages in smaller windows that are less distracting.

The application allows you to send individual messages to a person or to a group of people and you can use this feature, for example, to send out notifications to specific departments at your office.

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