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LANView 3.1.0 Build 515 Crack With Keygen 2024

LANView Crack With Keygen 2024

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LANView is a network software application designed specifically for carrying out various LAN administration tasks.

You can gather information about the hosts in the network, including IP and MAC addresses, and shared resources, capture and analyze network packets in real time, scan port and host, send messages to hosts, and generate statistics about IP addresses, IP traffic and network connections.

LANView accommodates several network tools in the left part of the main window, such as LAN search, packet capture, packet statistics, network connection, network interface, adapter traffic, as well as port, ping and SNMP scanning modes.

With just one click on the target utility, the application reveals a set of parameters that can be used for customizing each network task individually.

LANView offers you the freedom to scan all hosts within a specified range of IP addresses and check out details about the workgroup, hostname, username, MAC address, and shared resource for each IP address. The results can be saved to HTML, CSV or plain text file format.

What’s more, you can monitor Internet and LAN activity by capturing and analyzing network packets. You may start or stop the current process, clear all captured packets with a single click, and save data to a file (e.g. CSV, HTML). Several settings enable you to select the network adapter, apply filters, and save logs to a custom destination.

You are allowed to view log data and graphs about protocols, services, size, and traffic. In addition, the application is able to generate detailed statistics for IP, TCP, UDP, and ICMP protocols.

LANView lets you keep an eye on all open connections on a computer and view information about each one, such as protocol, local IP address, local port, remote IP address, remote port, and status.

You can also gather data about each adapter, such as IP and MAC address, and netmask, as well as check out real-time details about the data transfer rate flow of network adapters.

The application allows you to scan TCP or UDP ports, verify connections to remote computes by sending ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) packets, and scan a range of IP addresses for SNMP-enabled devices.

LANView comes with support for a lookup utility for checking the host name and MAC address of an IP address and resolving domain name, and a trace route tool for getting the list of gateways between source and destination hosts.

You can send messages to every host within a custom range of IP addresses on the network, shut down or restart a computer on LAN, perform Wake-on-LAN actions, as well as get information about the vendor of the specified network interface card (NIC).

All in all, LANView comprises a multitude of network tools for performing various LAN administration tasks. It is worthy to keep it around in case you deal with network-related projects daily.

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