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LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional 6.0 Crack Plus Serial Key

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional Crack Plus Serial Key

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Handling multiple documents in a fast-paced environment means that sometimes users will miss the opportunity to make copies of certain documents or save them to different formats in time. LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional is a utility that will help people capture the documents which are in a printing queue of almost any other application. It will allow them to save the preferred documents “on-the-fly,” to more than 150 formats for further use.

The application’s interface offers a classic text-editor layout that will allow users to create new printing tasks manually and customize them. LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional provides a large document page viewing area and adjacent side-panes for the accompanying tools.

However, the utility carries a minor drawback that becomes apparent rather quickly: the zooming feature is accessible only through the on-screen commands. This isn’t such a big issue, but it might be mildly annoying, especially for users who are accustomed to mouse wheel zoom.

People will have access to a printer manager that will allow them to select different capture algorithms, for JPEG, TIFF, HTML, DOC, PRD or OCR protocols. Users will be able to open their various applications, and when they initialize the printing sequence, they will be able to choose the LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional’s capture printer.

In doing so, they will be able to save the captured documents to the preferred formats, in just a few simple steps. Depending on the number of pages of the documents in the print job, the application might take some time to perform the conversion. In our tests, on a six-page document, it took a considerable amount of time.

This utility addresses those who require a tool for quickly capturing documents from the print queue of almost any application. It will allow them to access a dedicated “virtual” printer, which will enable them to convert the documents from the printer jobs to multiple formats such as PDF, DOC, JPG, TIFF, etc. Conversion tasks can also be created manually, and the application’s editor allows people to customize the resulting documents with annotations, shapes or custom effects.

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