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Linera Uninstall Manager Pro 1.3 Crack & Keygen

Linera Uninstall Manager Pro Crack & Keygen

Windows XP


Download Linera Uninstall Manager Pro [Crack]

Linera Uninstall Manager Pro is a comprehensive software application which allows you to remove installed programs from your computer. It can be used by individuals of any levels of experience.

The interface of the tool is clean and professional. So, you can check out a list of all installed software products on your computer, as well as view them according to several criteria - in an alphabetical order, recent, large or huge programs, as well as development tool or Microsoft products.

In addition, you can create program snapshots, in order to view the "before" and "after" state of the system (revolving around the tool's uninstall process), as well as create list of protected apps.

Other features of Linera Uninstall Manager let you clean up your system of unnecessary data, with the purpose of freeing up space and optimizing performance. It focuses on the Recycle Bin, temporary folder and history (items may be sent to the Recycle Bin or permanently deleted from your computer). Last but not least, Linera Uninstall Manager comes packed with two wizards to help you manually delete program or game snapshots, and to create a database of the registry and folders.

The software program requires a moderate-to-high amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and quickly uninstalls an app. However, Linera Uninstall Manager popped up multiple error notifications during runtime in our tests, and hanged a couple of times, forcing us to restart its process.

This is the professional version of Linera Uninstall Manager. Users who prefer a more compact edition may test Linera Uninstall Manager Lite instead. The app has not been updated for a very long time.

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