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Listary Portable 5.00.2843 Crack + Keygen Download

Listary Portable Crack + Keygen Download

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Whether you want to enhance your browsing experience or change the way you are working with your personal files and folders, Listary Portable comes in handy. Designed as a full-featured search utility that seamlessly integrates within the Explorer, it allows you to instantly search for files or folders that are stored in a particular directory.

What’s more, instead of typing complete item names, you are able to search for your favorite files as you type and highlight all the relevant results. This way, you can get your documents and media files right at your disposal.

However, in order to avoid conflicts, Listary Portable won’t show up as you type automatically in some third party file managers. The ‘Win+S’ key shortcut displays a new search box from where you can explore the current folder, copy folder paths to clipboard, and view hidden files.

Since the application boasts a powerful search engine, it digs into all the folders and files stored across all your drives and displays the required information within seconds.

By double-clicking in any empty area of the right panel in Explorer, you can preview all the recent files, the opened folders, the available commands, or simply configure the options that best suit your needs.

Another important feature that Listary Portable comes with is the ‘Quick Switch’ option that helps you to jump to the folder that you are currently viewing. This way, you can manage your files the way you want.

Because it works with various file managers such as Total Commander, FreeCommander XE, FileZilla, xplorer2 and Directory Opus, to name a few, the application not only makes the file browsing truly flexible, but it also helps you to access your files and folders more easily.

Thanks to its portability characteristic, you can take the application with you anywhere you want. It does not require you to install it and allows you to run it from your USB stick or your desktop, completely removing the program just by deleting the containing folder.

To conclude, Listary Portable is an interesting and useful program that provides you with all the necessary tools to browse for your favorite files, folders and even applications and access them instantly.

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