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Local SMTP Relay Server Crack Plus License Key

Local SMTP Relay Server Crack Plus License Key

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Communication via email is one of the most commonly used methods nowadays, due to its simplicity, security and accessibility. There are various protocols that let you easily create an account in order to send and receive messages. For more security or a custom protocol, Local SMTP Relay Server gives you the possibility to set up a secure route for emails in your business.

The application stores all of its features in a pretty simple interface, with an upper toolbar hosting the major server commands, while the side panel provides quick access to most configuration options. Since you need to set up various technical details, a decent amount of helpful info can be found either in tooltips when hovering your cursor over certain buttons, or simply displayed in each configuration screen.

For a fast approach, an automatic configuration wizard takes you through a series of steps that take little of your time. Each time you advance, settings are checked so you provide correct details. IP details, host details, as well as RBL lists are amongst the requirements.

On the other hand, these settings can be adjusted from the main window. It is recommended that you use a static IP address so that the risk of failure to sent messages to be significantly reduced. This also comes in handy, because you can thoroughly customize which addresses to receive and are able to send via your connection.

SMTP options let you set up more detailed connection settings. The HELO string needs to be properly provided in order to avoid creating an endless loop, with the possibility to have it automatically retrieved. In addition, the application allows you to carefully handle delivery strategies with a few steps to configure, as well as throttling for smooth incoming messages, as well as server replies or local domains.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Local SMTP Relay Server lets you configure your own secure email connection for a smooth workflow. The amount of included helpful info makes sure you don't get stuck along the way, while the implemented wizard helps you configure settings in a matter of seconds.

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