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Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 Crack & Activator

Look 'n' Stop Firewall Crack & Activator

Windows ME, Windows 9X, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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When a virus is detected on your computer the security system automatically takes immediate action and eliminates the threat. But what you should give some thought to is the possibility that during its presence in your system, it might have gathered and sent personal information to another computer.

To prevent misuse of personal data, Look 'n' Stop Firewall was designed. It’s a security software that monitors the outgoing and incoming data streams from your network adapter and is capable of blocking any kind of transfers.

Look 'n' Stop Firewall is easy to install and gets to work immediately after the installation process is over. In terms of how it works, things are quite simple.

When an application that is installed on your computer tries to access the Internet you receive a notification and are asked to choose whether you will allow it to connect or not.

In standard mode, once you decide to restrict access to an application, you will not be asked again. The choice remains so until you manually grant access to it. If Look 'n' Stop Firewall is run in advanced mode, you are given two extra choices: you can grant or restrict access just one time or until you restart Windows.

Look 'n' Stop Firewall displays a comprehensive interface and is easy to use. But if you are an advanced user who understands the intricacies of how malicious attacks occur, then you will be able to use this tool at its full capacity.

The application enables you to not only rearrange and edit existing filters but also to create your own, in accordance to the possible threats you might face in any given environment.

Look 'n' Stop Firewall also keeps a detailed log that provides you with information about all the filtered packets. This way, you can check to see if certain rules have not been wrongly applied and affected the correct functionality of other applications such as FTP clients.

Being a versatile and highly adaptable security tool, you can certainly put Look 'n' Stop Firewall to good use.

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