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maComfort 1.7.1 Crack With Activation Code

maComfort Crack With Activation Code

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maComfort is a practical and straightforward software solution that enhances your operating system and emulates the Mac key combinations so that you will no longer need to adapt between two different operating systems.

The application comes with fully customizable options and helps you to get the Macintosh feel right to your Windows operating system.

Specially intended for users who love the Macintosh OS but don't have the possibility to install it on their computer or simply happen to switch between Mac OS and Windows frequently, maComfort is a useful solution designed to solve those problems.

maComfort easily enhances your user experience by making your Microsoft Windows OS to behave like a Mac taking into consideration all the key shortcuts and features that it comes with.

The application emulates Mac hotkeys and provides you with features such as Spaces, Quicklook and Active Corners so you can easily preview files like you would do on Mac. Thus, you have the possibility to view the content of a file without opening it simply by pressing the Space bar.

Also, you can enable application-specific Mac key combinations by making the Command key to behave like Ctrl when used on Windows.

Moreover, you can toggle an action by touching a corner of your screen with your mouse cursor. Mac users know that this feature helps them a lot when they have to quickly access important files or applications. Therefore, the Active Corners option presented in maComfort allows you to set any corner to toggle a different action such as switching off the monitor, opening a folder or launching an important application.

The feature that makes the application to stand out of the box is the Spaces option which enables you to organize your open programs to different simulated desktops. You can set the number of virtual desktops you want to be active and cycle through all desktops in both directions or simply switch between desktops when dragging a window to the edge of the screen.

To sum things up, when using maComfort you do not have to adapt to Windows anymore. The application is a background process which enhances the overall usability of Windows in seconds.

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