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Magik DHCP Server 0.8a Crack & License Key

Magik DHCP Server Crack & License Key

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Download Magik DHCP Server [Crack]

MagikDHCP is an editable and customizable DHCP server specially designed for users who want to simplify their networking infrastructure by simply keeping a central point of control for all their IP addresses from the current network.

Even if MagikDHCP supports all the features that you expect from a DHCP server such as IP address reservations, customized responses or relay agent services, the installation process is quite troublesome.

Not only you need some minimal IT knowledge about how a DHCP server works, but if you want to install the application in a correct manner and make it to work properly, you need to have at least one adapter with a static IP address and configure the subnet mask in such a way, that it does not exceed a class B-network, which cannot be higher than

Either way, from the main window of MagikDHCP you can view the list with all the available network adapters that have a static IP address.

More important is that the user need to know the differences between the three major class networks (originally, five address classes are defined, but  Microsoft TCP/IP supports class A, B, and C addresses).

Setting up a new TCP / IP network address can get sometimes complicated, that's why MagikDHCP is used for. All you have to do is to make sure that the service is installed and started on your operating system.

The main window of the application enables you to select the adapter you need, view the server IP address, which is sent to the clients, the server subnet mask, the available DNS servers and the default gateway that is used by the selected adapter.

All things considered, MagikDHCP is a handy and reliable DHCP server that enables you to manage multiple subnets from one server and more.

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