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Magnus Choir VSTi 2.5 Crack + Keygen

Magnus Choir VSTi Crack + Keygen

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Download Magnus Choir VSTi [Crack]

Magnus Choir VSTi is a handy and intuitive piece of software which aims to offer you the means of inserting choir sounds into the music you create through your VST host.

The installation of this tool needs to be performed manually, by placing the DLL file into the proper plugins folder of the host program that you are using; its removal consists of the reverse process, meaning you can just delete the file to get rid of it.

Magnus Choir VSTi makes use of a combination of sampling and synthesizing in order to create natural sounds as well as synthetic choirs, that can then be overlaid onto the songs you are creating.

The choruses include both male and female voices, making use of a SATB structure (specifically Soprano and Alto for women, Tenor and Bass for men), in the attempt to deliver great quality sounds, which along with the DSP engine, are meant to provide a realistic feel to the choir.

Magnus Choir VSTi is made up of forty-eight presets which comprise extensive types of sounds, with several vocal textures and vowels in a wide range of dynamics, such as Crescendo, Tenuto, Legato, Staccato, Marcato, and others.

The integrated ‘Reverb Effect’ allows you to adjust sounds depending on the size of a room, with several user controls without the need for additional plugins.

Magnus Choir VSTi also features an efficient Volume Unit Meter that displays the levels of audio that is being rendered and is meant to reduce distorting or saturated sounds; it also offers a ‘MIDI Continuous Controller’, supporting parameter automation.

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