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@Mail 4.3 Crack + Keygen (Updated)

@Mail Crack + Keygen (Updated)

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@Mail is a full featured WebMail and Email Server allowing users to send/recieve Email using a Web browser or a WAP device. The product includes full support for IMAP/POP3 mailboxes and optionally provide email services using Exim as the MTA.

@Mail is an web based email client/server that helps you send and recive emails.

Features of the product include Scheduling, MySQL backend support, Spell-check, Addressbook, User Preferences, Multiple Accounts, SpamAssassin support, migration scripts from existing email servers, fully customizable and attractive interface. Optionally, Group Calendar/Addressbook support - sharing data between users on the system, Included is an Outlook 2000/2003 add-on to Sync Contacts/Tasks/Calendar between the Desktop Outlook Client and the Webmail. Language support includes English, Spanish, Chinese, Protuguese, German, Arabic and Italian..

Requirements: MySQL, Perl, Apache

Limitations: 30-day evaluation, stops working after 30-days.

What's New in This Release:

■ New Outlook Sync Utility with improved support

■ Added FF 1.5 support for the Advanced interface - New XUL functions for compatibility

■ New LDAP search window for the "Add Recipients" frame via an admin defined LDAP server via Webadmin

■ Updated German translation

■ Improved IMAP support for BincIMAP

■ Added All Day Event support and Location field to the online Calendar

■ If global addressbook enabled, email auto complete via Ajax searches both the shared/global database

■ SVG logs under Webadmin working native under FF 1.5

■ Replaced all english hardcoded strings in language file

■ Improved the HTML template for the "Add Recipients" panel for the simple interface

■ Improved the menubar support for the Advanced interface under FF for OS-X

■ WebSync: Rewritten module to use pure MAPI calls to improve compatibility and performance

■ WebSync: Removed Outlook Security warning dialog when accessing the addressbook data

■ WebSync: Support for SP2 under Outlook 2003 including all-day events

■ WebSync: Improved Task sync support

■ WebSync: Improved MD5 checks for data integrity

■ WebSync: Improved Foreign Character support for Calendar/Addressbook and Task for WebSync and WebMail

■ Email Server Mode: Updated Exim to 4.60 and latest ClamAV 0.87

■ Updated time on users statusbar to change depending on users 12/24 hour format

■ Updated sendmsg.pm to send attachments without a number prefix

■ Improved cache functions to work with spell check/smtp-errors

■ Updated pgp not to redisplay signature if it already exists

■ Updated cache_cache to return correctly if cache expired, avoids a mime error

■ Reserved usernames handle wildcards for domains/users

■ Improved width layout of compose/readmail panels under the advanced interface

■ Fixed FF interface for the search LDAP

■ Fixed error saving PGP prefs under FF interface

■ Improved FF sorting of messages by date via the Advanced interface

■ Message status icons have image text removed to improve interface look

■ Added the users-firstname to the RDF row under FF for global contacts

■ Enhanced the next/prev for FF interface when searching global abook

■ Removed HTML escape function for autoreply

■ Improved Subadmin list-all users function

■ Updated toolbar_abook.html with the correct height for global-abook if read-only access

■ Updated File::Tail module for log-daemon to latest version

■ New migration script for importing groups for the shared addressbook

■ Improved CSS for login, create-user & password utility for Linux

■ Removed login-ext.html template with a single login template for both local & remote accounts

■ Improved selectxp.js to catch any exceptions if parent frame loaded before the content of iframes for groups/permissions

■ Users with "Read" only access via Groupware can now list the global addressbook

■ Fixed HTML editor for Firefox under FF 1.5 for OS-X

■ Fixed possible cookie login clash when using the Outlook WebMail Sync and WebMail in the same session

■ Streamlined the install.pl script to detect Apache settings, mySQL and perl modules required for Spamassassin

■ Improved toggle for HTML and plain editor for Firefox browsers

■ Improved IMAP quota detection for the Getquotaroot command

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