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Mask Surf Pro 3.5 Keygen Full Version

Mask Surf Pro Keygen Full Version

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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Mask Surf Pro provides you with a secure connection to the Internet thanks to its integrated Tor engine. While many users might consider Tor as being nothing but a hoax covering a major conspiracy, they are not aware of one thing only: Tor is being developed by some of the world’s top IT specialists that have proved over and over again their skills.

Moreover, how can an environment that is constantly utilized by hackers as their number one choice when doing what they do best be overlooked or just ignored? I guess ignorance is bliss, but still, the Internet as we know it is crawling with code that does nothing else than keep tabs on you. This particular behavior is initiated, funded and, at the same time, denied by the major companies on the globe.

Mask Surf Pro comes packing an answer to all of these non-sense and due to its capabilities, can provide a better, safer experience while simply browsing the Internet, chatting with your friends and even access web stores. Acting as an anonymizer, Mask Surf Pro addresses mostly advanced users that really understand the depths of the big picture.

The Tor tunnel network that Mask Surf Pro makes use of and takes advantage of its many characteristics keep the all-seeing-eye from tampering with your work, while breaking through peculiar restrictions regarding geo-location.

The interface of Mask Surf Pro, while not best fitted for beginners, is intuitive enough for any type of user. Once you get the hang of its tabs and available options, you can rest assured that you stepped into a more secured environment for your daily and, why not, nightly Internet-related activities.

All in all, Mask Surf Pro supports the most popular web browsers so you do not have to worry about your favorite one not being listed and capable of anonymity, delivers access to geo-specific settings such as country and software emulation. All of these, rounded up within the Tor engine make Mask Surf Pro an application to surely open up a few eyes in a community that comprises a majority of brainless social network junkies.

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