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Masker 5.8 Build Activator Full Version

Masker Activator Full Version

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Masker is a useful tool for the users who need to hide secret information in common files that can be used for transporting the data. The program applies the principles of steganography in order to mask confidential information in popular media files such as images or movies.

In order to hide the files you need to select a carrier file that can be transferred to other users without raising suspicions. The program allows you to use images, videos, audio and executable files such as MPG, BMP, WAV, JPG or DLL components.

The program provides you with several encryption methods that make sure that your information cannot be read by other users. You should select the algorithm that matches your security requirements and enter the password to prevent unauthorized access.

You can use the same carrier to add multiple files and store them without changing its extension or purpose. If it is a movie or an image it can still be opened in a video player or an image viewer. The only thing that changes is the file size.

Unlike other programs that calculate the maximum file size that can be used without changing the original file size, this app does not limit the amount of information that can be stored in a carrier.

Since the carrier’s size change can be noticed, it is recommended to minimize the impact of each file by using the hidden data compression feature. The compression rate can be adjusted according to the size of the hidden file.

The interface of the program is simple and provides quick access to all the important features. Although the documentation is very thin, it does not require previous experience with encryption applications to create a carrier and hide the private files.

The security features and the ability to encrypt the data with seven different algorithms make the Masker a good tool for hiding your private data.

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