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MASS Yahoo Account Creator Crack Plus License Key

MASS Yahoo Account Creator Crack Plus License Key

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Download MASS Yahoo Account Creator [Crack]

Subscribing to online services is a task that usually takes up a couple of minutes for a regular user, but there are cases in which someone needs to make several user accounts for an e-mail service, for example, and the whole thing may take a while. For this reason, some specialized utilities have been developed, so the process can be automated with tools like MASS Yahoo Account Creator.

This particular application is less attractive visually, but it compensates through ease of use and speed in carrying out the assigned task. All the functions are clearly visible and neatly organized in their respective tabs inside the main window.

The first thing you will notice when opening MASS Yahoo Account Creator is the fact that it is able to receive input from Excel files. This makes it more easy to import all the necessary information at once from a spreadsheet which contains the details, including first and last name, username, domain, password, birth date, gender and other elements required when creating a fresh account on Yahoo!.

A neat feature of this software is the ability to use one or several proxy servers and change them automatically after a certain time interval you set, when the multiple proxy mode is selected. To start the process you will have to head on to the 'Sign Up' tab where you get some extra functions as well.

In case this becomes necessary, cookies can be cleared with a single click and then you can refill the current data. The output is set to be saved automatically, so you can review the results in the dedicated tab of MASS Yahoo Account Creator.

All in all, this tool does quite well what it is supposed to and can actually help users create accounts more easily, saving minutes of their time for each subscription.

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