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MasterSplitter 4.1i Crack & License Key

MasterSplitter Crack & License Key

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MasterSplitter is a lightweight application that is able to split large plain text and Binary files into smaller parts.

The interface is really simplistic and can be mastered even by less experienced users. You can either drag and drop the files directly into the main window of the program, or use the built-in browse button.

The application offers users the possibility of specifying the split number, as well as making the program delete the original file at the end of the job, saving the files to the same directory, auto comparing items after splitting them, as well as saving the last used settings.

You are also allowed to specify the first split piece, save it to the same directory as the original files, and skip the missing pieces. Furthermore, comparing the original and split file is particularly simple, as you only need to add the documents to the list.

Since there aren’t many configuration settings, even a rookie can make the most out of every single built-in feature.

During our testing we have noticed that the program manages to split files quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. It remains light on the system resources, so it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the computer.

All things considered, MasterSplitter is a simple software solution that helps you split files quickly and easily. Although it cannot compete with other powerful tools in its category, it does what is says, and is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

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