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MAUS StockMarket Plus 18.0 Build 20190606 Crack + License Key

MAUS StockMarket Plus Crack + License Key

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MAUS StockMarket Plus is a portfolio management software that enables you to supervise and quickly update your trade history on the stock market. The software acts as a dynamic database that enables you to store records of transactions, monitor other active investors, as well as generate detailed financial reports.

MAUS StockMarket Plus features a modern looking GUI that allows you to administer your trading portfolio in a quick and subtle way. The management area allows you to verify your own trading history, to the current date, monitor the balance of your accounts, check market prices over the selected period or analyze data received straight from your broker.

The Portfolio Management allows you to stay up to date with investments and action plans, active income/expenses and owned shares. The shares prices on the stock market vary every day, which is why monitoring them daily is in the best interest of any investor. Each action plan allows you to create strategies, according to the shares’ prices, dividends or fees. You may record transactions or create a recurrent schedule for a series of payments that the software can automatically deduct from your balance.

MAUS StockMarket Plus allows you to monitor a large series of companies on the global stock market, by receiving updated information regarding sales, prices and investors. You may add the preferred companies to a watch list and receive constant feed regarding their shares and prices. Additionally, the stock scan allows you to watch a dynamic list of opening or closing prices/momentums/rates for the selected shares.

MAUS StockMarket Plus can also generate detailed reports or summaries on capital gain/loss, holdings, stocks, transaction history, realized or unrealized profit, dividends, performance, client structure or stock prices.

MAUS StockMarket Plus allows you to monitor the daily status of your preferred companies and stocks, as well as keep detailed records of your trade history. It is a useful tool, since it can help you setup your investments strategies and calculate monthly/yearly payment rates. Moreover, you can easily estimate the exchange rate for foreign currencies.

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