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Media Hint 3.1.4 Crack With Serial Number Latest

Media Hint Crack With Serial Number Latest

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Media Hint is a reliable Firefox extension that works as a VPN service right from your browser helping you to access blocked or restricted services such as Hulu, Pandora or Netflix without leaving your favorite webpages.

With the help of Media Hint you have the possibility to listen to your favorite radio podcasts, while surfing the Internet without leaving the browser.

Because of security reasons, there are several countries that restrict the access to specific websites so each time you travel abroad, you might need to install this extension just to make sure that you don’t miss the important things on the Internet.

The extension does not require you to restart the browser. Simply install the extension and you are ready to go; listen to your Pandora channels while browsing your favorite webpages.

Once Media Hint is installed, it runs smoothly in the background and retrieves any video or other content from the restricted websites without any problems or interruptions.

It manages to do so by changing your proxy server in your browser. Each time you want to access a specific website, Media Hint determines whether or not to use a proxy for the requested site.

Although there are several VPN services that provide you with the same features that Media Hint does, the main difference between them is that the extension does not limit your monthly bandwidth nor display ads in the browser.

Even though we did not come across with any difficulties or malfunctions, there are several user opinions that state the extension does not work as expected. Its value can be estimated only by testing it.

All things considered, Media Hint comes in handy for users who need to access restricted or blocked services, while browsing their favorite webpages and listening to their radio music.

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