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MediaRescue Pro 6.16 Build 1045 Crack + Keygen Updated

MediaRescue Pro Crack + Keygen Updated

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Malicious applications are not the only threat to your computer. There are times when you accidentally remove important files from your hard disk drive or various devices and in some cases only the use of specialized tools can bring them back. MediaRescue Pro is one of them, trying to aid you in locating and restoring lost media files.

The application is cleverly designed to be both fast and efficient. Right from the start you are guided through a series of steps with helpful info along the way. No further windows are opened while the process is active, everything being included in each step. Most of the task is done by the application itself, with only a few mouse clicks required on your behalf.

The very first step displays a list of virtually anything connected to your computer and capable of storing data. It comes in handy when you need to quickly recover files from damaged or old devices, seeing how you are able to set multiple scanning attempts in case the first fails.

Scanning is completed in the blink of an eye and you are left with a file explorer to find missing files. Several search options are available, giving you the possibility to locate items, as well as automatically have them selected when found.

Amongst the last steps, another process is put in motion, this time performing an advanced sector search. It takes a little more to complete, but it's an efficient way to get ahold of important files from greatly damaged storage devices.

All in all, MediaRescue Pro is a trustworthy application to have around, because you never know when something is accidentally lost. The wizard-driven interface allows you to get a quick result without getting stuck along the way. Given the advanced sector scan, you can rest assured that, in case of media files, they can be brought back to life.

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