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Memory Improve Master Free Version 5.24.24 Crack With Serial Key

Memory Improve Master Free Version Crack With Serial Key

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Download Memory Improve Master Free Version [Crack]

Memory Improve Master is a useful application that intends to improve your computer performance by increasing the available memory. The program can also tweak other system properties in order to achieve this goal.

When you are running multiple applications, your computer can slow down to the point of becoming irresponsive. The main function of this program is to monitor the resources available to the user and to automatically free the memory in order to improve its performance.

The program displays the currently used resources and provides you with two methods of optimizing the memory usage. Thus, you can enhance the performance of the system by closing processes or by compressing the occupied memory.

The compression method takes more time and is recommended for the users that want to free a significant part of the memory. In our tests, compressing about 512 MB of RAM took about 3 minutes and resulted in a 15% optimization.

You can use the program to automatically analyze the used memory and to compress it at a certain time interval. This action can be configured by specifying the minimum threshold and the memory space that should be recovered. Since the operation is CPU intensive, you can choose to skip it if other programs are using the processor.

To further improve the performance of the system you can adjust the Windows visual effects and choose to unload the DLLs from the memory when they are not in use. You can also view the running processes and to manually terminate the ones that are not required.

Closing processes is not recommended for the casual users since the system might become unstable. Instead, you can use the rules section that allows you to specify the processes that are important for your activity. The program estimates the memory that can be redirected from the blacklisted processes to the important ones.

Overall, Memory Improve Master can help you optimize the memory usage and allow you to run more applications at the same time.

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