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MessengerLog 8 Crack With Serial Key

MessengerLog 8 Crack With Serial Key

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Keeping track of chat history and archiving conversations are pretty common tasks for many instant messenger aficionados. For those who want to take things one step farther, there's a utility that can help you watch over conversations originating from your PC.

MessengerLog 8 is the application that was designed to serve as a simple way to monitor IM activity, regardless if we're thinking about Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or Skype.

The software tracks the conversations in real-time, from the moment the user double-clicks a contact to start chatting up to the instant when that window is closed.

A useful feature is MessengerLog 8's ability to automatically upload the saved conversation log onto a FTP server or send them via email, so you can view what's going on when are not around.

One of the areas this program should be very useful it is parental control and the security features it comes with are meant to support this purpose. MessengerLog 8 encrypts the logs and compresses them for extra protection and you can set a password to limit access to the application and its settings.

An interesting feature is the ability to exclude from chat content logging any contacts of your choice. Also, if you want to keep the archive in a different location, MessengerLog 8 enables you to easily export the logs in HTML, TXT or RTF format.

All in all, this utility can be really useful and thanks to its great ease of use it addresses all users out there. The feature pack is decent and with an extensive support for instant messenger programs, MessengerLog 8 can really be a loyal watchdog that helps you keep a close eye on everything that goes on on your system.

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