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Metropolis 1.0 beta4 Activator Full Version

Metropolis Activator Full Version

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Metropolis is website & content management software that allows you to define your page layout once, and start adding pages without ever again having to worry about how the page looks.

Metropolis is website management software without silly limits (no, 2 billion pages does not count as a silly limit. And no, nor does processing 'only' 10,000 pages per minute.)

Metropolis is website management software that runs rings around similar products like CityDesk, by being between a few hundred and several thousand times faster, and, thanks to its inbuilt scripting language "MetroScript", infinitely more powerful.

MetroScript is a full blown scripting language, based on RealBasic's RBScript, that can be used in a php-like syntax in your templates. Metropolis comes standard in these languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, German, Finnish, Flemish, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish.


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