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Mini Web Browser 1.2 Crack + Keygen

Mini Web Browser Crack + Keygen

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Download Mini Web Browser [Crack]

Internet Explorer is, for some users, an outdated browser, so they look for other advanced products capable of providing a lot more features.

On the other hand, there are users who want a very basic software solution, and that’s why Mini Web Browser may seem a very attractive piece of software.

Designed to replace the traditional Internet Explorer, Mini Web Browser is a very basic product that does only a single thing: it lets you browse the Internet, without features such as tabs, popup blockers or bookmarks menus.

In fact, Mini Web Browser is such a simple solution that it only sports a status bar, so not even a bookmarks bar to quickly access the sites you like the most.

There’s no settings screen, but instead Mini Web Browser comes with a dedicated feature to let you set up a home page, which shall be enough for those who want to browse the Internet undisturbed.

Browsing engine wise, Mini Web Browser doesn’t seem to be faster than the other top browsers on the market and it even returns some page loading errors when trying to load websites with Flash.

All things considered, the idea behind Mini Web Browser is great, but it still needs a lot of improvements to become the product users could launch on a daily basis. It’s indeed a very basic browser that doesn’t assault the user with advanced features, but on the other hand it even fails to serve this minimal purpose.

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