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Minitube 3.7 Crack With Activation Code

Minitube Crack With Activation Code

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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Ways of playing videos from websites that offer this kind of content are constantly appearing and are being perfected.

This is due to the fact that having your web browser open and playing HD videos can eat up quite a lot of system resources. And there’s also the fact that you are constantly spammed if not harassed by adds that tend to interrupt your clips.

Minitube is an application that offers you a better alternative opposed to using your web browser as a means of watching online shows and videos. It’s a comprehensive little multimedia tool that enables you to enjoy videos that are uploaded to YouTube without having to deal with any kinds of interruptions and most importantly, without overburdening your computer.

Minitube displays a user-friendly interface that allows you to view both the video you are looking for, as well as the thumbnails for the related clips. You can scroll through the results and select a new clip, as well as toggle fullscreen mode for the currently playing video. Switching from window mode to fullscreen clearly affects playback but the application enables you to choose the quality you want to view the clip in.

The search feature that the application provides you with offers you two choices. You can either search for keywords or a channel. Moreover, the application memorizes the previous searches and displays them for you. Also possible with Minitube is to search for related videos, finding video paths and copying the video stream URL. All of which are practical but what gets to you sooner or later is the fact that you can’t create and save an organized playlist.

All-in-all, Minitube is a reliable and responsive application that can definitely help you enjoy YouTube videos in high quality and with no ads to interrupt you.

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