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MixMeister Fusion + Video Crack Plus Activation Code

MixMeister Fusion + Video Crack Plus Activation Code

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Download MixMeister Fusion + Video [Crack]

MixMeister Fusion + Video is a professional software application whose purpose is to help DJs mix audio and video files while offering full control over video sequences and transitions.

You are welcomed by a well-organized set of functions that allows you to keep track of your media files with the aid of a library, create playlists, work with your mix on the Timeline, as well as listen to the mix.

You may check out the video tutorials and help manual for finding out additional information about each dedicated parameter.

Importing files in the library and managing playlists

MixMeister Fusion + Video gives you the possibility to add a single file, upload the content of an entire folder to the list, or automatically add files by monitoring user-defined folders.

It works with the following file formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MPG, WMV, and others. You can view additional information about each file, such as title, artist, BPM, album, key, and others, perform search operations, as well as drag and drop the items into the Playlist or Timeline panel.

What’s more, you can insert transitions, import files from M3U and MMP playlists, export the playlist to iPod or other portable devices, burn the playlist onto CDs, and edit tags (title, artist, album, composer, year, genre, rating, comments, beats per minute, key).

The Timeline represents the visual representation of your audio files in your playlist, and you may use it for altering the mix of songs by changing the overlapping segments of audio files, speeding up or slowing down the tempo while you are playing the mix, changing the volume anywhere in the track, altering the back, treble, and midrange levels of songs, adjusting the master volume of the playlist, and adding loops to your mix.

MixMeister Fusion + Video offers support for different types of Beat Mixing transitions (e.g. Beatmix Full for maintaining the volume for both the outgoing and incoming tracks, Beatmix Cut for sharply dropping the volume for the outgoing track and cranking it up on the incoming track), apply crossfading options, create silence between songs, as well as increase or reduce the overlap between songs.

Plus, you may split songs into segments, crop or extend the audio segments, change the tempo of a song, reverse a track or segment to play it backwards, enhance your mix with various effects, accompany your music with video effects, as well as use hotkeys.

All in all, MixMeister Fusion + Video proves to be a reliable program that comes bundled with a rich suite of audio parameters for helping you mix full-motion videos right alongside your audio mix.

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