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MobiMB Mobile Media Browser 3.6 Crack With Serial Number

MobiMB Mobile Media Browser Crack With Serial Number

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Download MobiMB Mobile Media Browser [Crack]

MobiMB Mobile Media Browser is a nifty application designed for exploring and managing the contents of Nokia mobile phones. It connects to the device via cable, Bluetooth or InfraRed and allows you to store media files just by a simple operation of drag-and-drop.

Since mobile phones have become a necessity for most people, they have been used not only as communication devices, but they also have storage capacity for media content.

The problem here is that you can't really have an easy time managing your files without using third-party software and as such, developers started issuing applications for mobile phone management.

MobiMB Mobile Media Browser is such a utility. With it, you can remove, copy, edit and transfer the contents of your mobile phone to your computer (images, audio, video, software, documents), and vice versa. All you need is a standard cable or infrared port. Connections via Bluetooth are also an option.

The interface is pretty much standard, intuitive and easy to understand. Here you can create a new playlist (clicking this action triggered some unpleasant visual glitches), or create a new theme (it requires you visit the theme editor found on the developer’s website).

The Settings section allows you to configure or add a new connection, select the default media player you wish to open your MIDI, 3GP audio and video, as well as other files, but also automatically set the clock on the phone, allow Java options to be transferred, show built-in ringtones, or accelerate file writing and reading (needs a computer restart).

In conclusion, our tests with MobiMB Mobile Media Browser showed that it’s a speedy and reliable application, worthy of a try. With its assistance, you can transfer images, the latest audio tracks and video clips to your mobile device.

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