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MockupScreens 4.97 Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

MockupScreens Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

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MockupScreens is an advanced and creative software solution fashioned to help you test your application's user interface by sketching prototypes in an interactive environment.

When you first open MockupScreens, you come face to face with a comprehensible interface constituted of a resizable workspace, sided with a multitude of menus and options.

The layout of the application is ergonomically disposed in a fashion that allows you to easily access MockupScreens's features and options.

For you to be able to create your own prototype interface, MockupScreens puts at your disposal a blank window that serves as your workspace, where you can add a multitude of elements, buttons and menus, in order to test and preview the layout you are trying to design.

You can insert a large array of customizable buttons, menus and options into your project, such as confirmation buttons, input fields, drop-down menus, calendars, checkboxes, plain text or web links, frames, dialog boxes, tables and many more options.

Each element you add to your project can be customized the way you like it, by resizing it, repositioning or renaming it.

Depending on the type of element you want to add and modify, you can notice that each of these menus and buttons also includes a set of more advanced and specific options, allowing a complex customization.

After you finish adding the desired elements to your project, you can preview it as a slideshow, which is a useful feature that allows you to make it into a presentation for your clients.

Each slide is constituted of a window or screen of your project, allowing you to get an insightful preview of your work.

MockupScreens proves to be an interactive, yet professional tool, designed for those who wish to test their application's user interface viability, by easily designing prototypes in a creative environment.

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