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Modbus Poll 10.2.0 Build 1891 Crack With Serial Key

Modbus Poll Crack With Serial Key

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Modbus Poll is a professional software application designed to help developers test Modbus slaves or data areas and simulate the Modbus protocol.

It offers support for several protocol variants, such as Modbus RTU, ASCII, TCP/IP, RTU Over TCP/IP, ASCII Over TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RTU Over UDP/IP and RTU Over UDP/IP.

The GUI was specifically designed to help you monitor several Modbus slaves and/or data areas at the same time. Each window comes with its own settings, as you may specify the Modbus slave ID, function address, size and poll rate, as well as read and write registers and coils.

Modbus Poll gives you the possibility to import data from Modbus poll files (MBP file format), print the information, change a single register by simply double-clicking on the corresponding field and entering the desired information, as well as make use of editing operations (cut, copy, paste, delete) for managing data embedded in registers.

What’s more, you can enable the automatic connection mode, read coil and input status, read holding and input registers, force single coil and register, force multiple coils, preset multiple registers, report slave ID, mask write register, and read/write registers.

Modbus Poll gives you the possibility to monitor serial data traffic, export data logging to a plain text file or directly to Excel, switch between several display formats (e.g. float, double, long), reset counters, disable the read/write process, read and write only once, as well as reset all counters.

The Test Center lets developers write and send their own test strings, as well as check out the results from the slave in hex numbers. Last but not least, you can check out the error console for finding out information about detected problems, preview data before printing it, as well as alter the foreground and background colors for each register.

All in all, Modbus Poll proves to be a handy Modbus simulator that comes with a decent feature pack. Its intuitive options can be handled even by novices but you should take into consideration that you need to possess several previous skills for working with Modbus slave devices.

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